Monday, February 13, 2012

Reflectional Symmetry of Alphabets By Anushka 6D

Reflectional Symmetry of A, B, C

Symmetry of D, E, F

Creative Work

Mirror Symmetry of J, K, L
Did u find a mistake. She says u fail if u dont find a mistake.

Symmetry P, Q, R

Mirror Symmetry S, T 

She deserves full marks

All efforts by Anushka Jain 6D


Anonymous said...

Very Creative symmetries!!

Punita Verma said...

this was a part of their formative assessment. all students were simply told to draw reflectional symmetry of alphabets. but there r some students who do their work so creatively that u tend to give 11 out of 10. well done anushka :)